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Well today my two and a half year old daughter Ayla decided to go to the fridge and help herself (not unlike any other day.)
The only difference today was she decided to open a little pot of sour cream an she ripped the whole little paper lid off. I normally leave it partly on so it doesn't go yuk over the next day or so.
So apart from cleaning her hands An face after licking the lid (at least there was no waste lol). I then had the thought oh no now what am I going to do with it? Glad wrap is useless on plastic containers An oh, we have none anyway. Then I remembered I had an xtra large honeywrap in the draw I hadn't used yet, so I then measured it out against my little pot An my ramikins I often use. An perfect! I cut it up An made my own sizes An this was the outcome.
Ayla who was extremely pleased with herself An the little pot. I was so impressed that the honeywrap worked so well I use it all the time now and it also keeps the sour cream way fresher for a little longer (not that it lasts long hahahaha.) But sometimes u can't find a lid for a jar, these r now perfect size I also have one perfect for my bowls and a rectangle oven dish I use all the time. 
Thanks for reading our little mishap but happy ending story. 
Chris an little miss Ayla.

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