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12 Easy swaps to make your home environmentally friendly.


12 easy swaps to make you home a little more eco conscious.

Are you wanting to be more environmentally conscious in your home but not sure where to start?
Maybe you live in an apartment and thought that to make a difference you needed a garden, with home grown veges and a compost heap?
Or maybe you want to make a change but possibly can’t afford to change a lot?

That’s where I come in!
I’ve grouped together a small but achievable list of improvements that you can do in your own home. You can pick as many or as few as you want. Choose what works for you.
Some of you may be thinking ‘What would be the point only picking one? Only swap my toothbrush? How would one toothbrush help?’
But, if every person on the planet were to swap only their toothbrush…well…that’s a lot of brushes…and a lot of plastic that wouldn’t be going to landfills.
EVERY action towards a better environment counts, no matter the size.
Your house doesn’t need to be plastic free or zero waste to create the change.
You don’t need to be perfect to create the change.
To make it happen you just need to make a change.

There are a lot of us out there that want to make a difference in the world but are unsure where to start or think that one small action couldn’t change much so they just don’t start.
I say us, because there was a time when this was me too, now I change what I can, when I can, do the best I can and I take pride in knowing that I’m doing all that’s possible with what I have.

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”
- Albert Einstein

So here’s the list you have been waiting for!
12 Easy swaps to make your home environmentally conscious

Swap your:

- Regular toothbrush for one made of bamboo.
- Kitchen plastic wrap for reusable food wraps.
- Bottles of shampoo for shampoo bars.
- Traditional light bulb for LED bulbs.
- Disposable nappies for reusable cloth nappies or a disposable brand that is *100% biodegradable.
- Disposable razors for reusable safety blade razors.
- Eyeshadows and make up for 100% natural eyeshadows and makeup.
- Plastic hair brushes and combs for bamboo ones.
- Disposable menstrual pads for reusable cloth pads or a disposable *100% biodegradable brand.
- Disposable breast pads for reusable breast pads or a disposable *100% biodegradable brand.
- Instead of purchasing brand new items, buy second hand when possible.
- Wear organic natural fibre clothing.
*100% biodegradable products need to be put into the compost to be able breakdown properly, as the conditions needed for this to occur barely exist in landfills.

So next time your shopping and looking for ways you can make your change keep this quote in mind “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”
-Vince Lombardi

Thanks for reading!
Sarah :)

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  • Sarah Cooper
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