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4 Reasons to use a biodegradable dish cloth.


4 Reasons To Use A Biodegradable Dish Close

Have you have been using disposable dish cloths for as long as you can remember?
Maybe you have been using reusable cloths that are made from synthetic materials.
If you think that you're happy with the dish cloths you currently use, here's 4 reasons why you could be happier with a biodegradable version!

They’re reusable.

You can reuse them just like any other cloth. Pop them in your washing machine or in the top rack of your dishwasher.

No Synthetic Materials.

SPRUCE dish cloths are made from 100% natural and renewable materials so you don’t need to buy another plastic sponges or polyester cloth ever again!

biodegradable dish cloths made from natural materials

Less Going To Landfill.

Because the SPRUCE biodegradable dish cloths are made from 100% natural and renewable materials they can be composted at the end of their lifetime. Yes, that means the ink too!

Better Absorption.

SPRUCE dish cloths absorb liquid better than microfiber cloth.

SPRUCE - Biodegradable dish cloth


About the author

Sarah Cooper is the founder of Ecore and Ecore Social Media. She is a strong advocate for supporting other local businesses, with a passion for protecting the environment and helping families reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals.

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