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5 Things you should NEVER use on reusable cloth nappies.


5 Things you should NEVER use on reusable cloth nappies.

5 Things you should NEVER use on your reusable cloth nappies.

I absolutely LOVE using reusable nappies, I find them easier to put on than disposables as they are a lot sturdier, washing them isn't that much effort and knowing there are no chemicals in them to harm my little guy makes me happy.

The care and maintenance of cloth nappies isn’t that much different to looking after your clothes, but there are some precautions you need to take if you want them to last.


Some cloth nappies are ok to be used with bleach (diluted.) Close parent pop-in nappies are definitely not!
Bleach breaks down fibres and can be particularly harmful to natural fabrics (such as bamboo) and the elastic in your cloth nappies.

Fabric softeners.

Fabric softeners coat the fabric with a chemical layer that changes the way in which the fibres ‘sit’ making them feel super soft.
This chemical layer hinders absorbency which is a big problem for nappies, not to mention chemicals against your baby’s skin aren’t that great!

Washing detergents that contain enzymes.

Enzymes work by digesting stains on fabrics, these hungry enzymes also ‘eat’ the fabric fibres too which is not something you want for your nappies.
The guarantee on most brands will be void if you choose to use a detergent that contains these.

Biological Detergents.

Non-biological detergents are better for the environment and your little one. Some biological detergents can contain enzymes.

Dishwasher Tablets.

I feel like this one is somewhat self-explanatory…These are for dishes, not nappies!

Using any of the above can dramatically shorten the lifespan of your nappies and in some cases, affect your guarantee, so always check the care instructions for your particular brand.

I use Rockin’ Green laundry powder on my nappies. It’s natural, contains no enzymes, fabric softeners or bleaches.

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  • Sarah Cooper
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  • Sarah

    Hi, do you know if it’s ok to use detol or another type of disinfectant on cloth nappies without the fabric quality deteriorating? I find I have to wash my son’s nappies at least two or three times using fragrance free/sensitive laundry liquid and sometimes the smell still remains. Also, do you know of any flushable nappy liners? TIA :)

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