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Giving Gifts: 5 Ways to Stay Eco-Friendly.

Giving Gifts: 5 Ways to Stay Eco-Friendly.

Guest post by Sophia Sharpe

5 Ways to Stay Eco-Friendly when giving gifts.

Ditch gifts and focus on the people.

Ten years ago, both sides of our family spontaneously decided that we buy ourselves the things we want so why have unnecessary gifts at Christmas?  It can be hard to go entirely gift free, so some people (cough, the women), make a batch of fudge or salted lemons, bottle them up and give one to each family. 

Ditch new gifts.

A family we know decided they would get gifts for their kids from op shops and markets.  They don’t have a ton of money and get some fantastic birthday presents from garage sales and markets through the year. 

Ditch stuff and try an experience.

Buy a new experience - a camping holiday, a trip to the zoo, a gym pass.  Or get something the recipient can make themselves such as a cheese making kit or a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) kit like sharperthinker’s EveryColour Lantern.  Shameless plug - it’s especially great for girls who like engineering and pretty lights.

give a gift of experience

Ditch single use gifts.

Sometimes you just have to give the person who has everything a gift. Why not something reusable? There’s a high likelihood the recipient will use reusable drinking straws or cloth bags. You can even get the kids to sew the bags, thereby combining it with an educational experience, a parenting win.

Ditch tiny, go big.

It’s hard to ditch gifts for your kids.  After a family discussion, we decided that Christmas is the best time to make one big family purchase - the kind of thing that you never get around to buying because you mislaid that spare $400.  

So instead of everyone getting $80 or more worth of junk, we combine the cash and get one big thing.  Last year we got a new tent - reusable for years to come! In other years we have bought a TV and board games.  We try to think of items that will benefit everyone and bring us together as a family. Often these things are available “as new” so it’s a win-win for the environment.   

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you less junk, less plastic and more peace!  
Blessings - Sophia

About the author

Sophia Sharpe and her business partner design and make wooden kits that get kids learning about electronics at Sharperthinker.  Suitable for ages 8+.

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