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Home Grown Is Best


Eco tip: Grow Your Own Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables is a great way to reduce chemical exposure to your family and positively impact the environment.

When you buy vegetables from the supermarket have you ever stopped to think about how much of an impact it makes on our environment?
I haven’t until recently. Yes, I’ve thought about the plastic packaged items and do my best to avoid them now, but that’s not all that has an effect.

The fruit and vegetables you buy are grown somewhere other than your city/country (not always though.) If they are grown in another city then they have to travel in a refrigerated truck to reach your supermarket. If they are from another country? Then you have flying bananas ;)

Grow your own veges at home

They are packed, in boxes (loose fruits), plastic containers (strawberries, blueberries etc), plastic bags (lettuce, spinach etc) and plastic wrap (cut halves of cauliflower).
It’s a lot of plastic!

While growing, a lot of produce is sprayed with pesticides to stop the little nibblers from getting to it before we do, which is great because it means there’s more for us, but these sprays often contain chemicals that aren’t so good for human health either.

Ecore - Grow your own vegetables

Growing your own vegetables doesn’t mean you need to have a huge space for a garden, even planting lettuces in a planter box means your cutting down on the amount of plastic bags and chemicals that are coming into your home.
If you are worried about the bugs n’ slugs getting to your food before you, there are plenty of natural ways to keep them at bay. Companion planting is a great alternative to nasty sprays.

Growing at home ensures you get the best, freshest fruit and veges for your family.
You know what has been put onto it, where its traveled and where it's going.
So the next time your your shopping for produce, ask yourself,
If a bug is not willing to eat your fruit…then are you sure you really want to?

Thanks for reading!
Sarah :)

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  • Sarah Cooper
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