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How to clean your reusable food wrap


Cleaning your reusable food wrap.

Some of you may be a little wary about using reusable food wrap.
I know I was.
You may be wondering, does it take a lot more time and effort to use reusable wrap rather than plastic wrap?
Does it work just as well?
What can I use it on?
Personally I LOVE the stuff!
You want to know why I’m such a fan?...There’s no nasty chemicals, it’s antibacterial, it looks awesome and smells even better!
It stops plastic wrap going into landfills and our oceans and it only takes a moment to wash.
I even think it works just as well, if not better then plastic food wrap.
You can use it on pretty much anything! (Not raw meat)

Have you ever tried putting plastic wrap onto a plastic container? Well then you will know that it doesn’t stay on too well.
Reusable food wrap does! It’s amazing! I love magical things :)
For those of you that are trying to go completely plastic free, I will explain in one of my next blogs about why I still use plastic containers.

So, here is a quick step-by-step photo guide to washing your reusable food wrap.
Step1. Hand wash in cold, mild soapy water (I may have a little too much soapiness here) 
Step 2. Pat dry with a towel.
Step 3. Hang on the line with the rest of your washing. (Some people do either step 2 or step 3, I’m greedy and like to do both)
Step 4. Roll up your food wrap.
Step 5. Put it back into its holder. (If your wrap doesn’t have a holder then fold it flat and place it in a drawer – or where ever your wrap lives)

Thanks for reading!
Sarah :)






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