The Beginning


I thought for my first post it would be a good idea to introduce myself, so...

Hi, I'm Sarah, a stay at home mum of a spirited young boy named Travis.
I'm not sure of the exact point where this journey began.
Would it be when I first started recycling?
When i first started using cloth nappies and breast pads?
When I started putting into place plans to start Ecore?
Or as a kid, when I wanted to save the world one animal at a time? (Even though I had no clue how to do that back then, and if I'm completely honest...I still have no clue!)
Before my son arrived the only thing I did was recycle, once he came along I used reusable cloth nappies, breast pads and maternity pads.

I had the mentality that i couldn't afford to do much more when it came to helping our earth.
In a way this was true, but it was because i was looking at things from the wrong angle.
My dream was to build a house using hemp, warm, dry and solid, a roof covered in solar panels so that most,if not all my power comes from my own home.
In the bathroom would be a beautiful shiny composting toilet.
Out in the garden would be composting set ups, raised garden beds and an aquaponics set up.
Fish and plants helping each other thrive...without them even having to lift a finger ;)
Butterflies would be floating around happily in my butterfly enclosure (though I haven't looked into how they help the environment so this one may just be for fun).

I was so focused on the big picture that I had forgotten about the little things I could do to help in the 'now'.
Like turning off the tap when I brush my teeth, or changing what dish washing liquid and toilet cleaner I used.
It hadn't occurred to me to change the way I shopped every week,
making better choices when it came to the way groceries were packaged...Do I really need the bananas wrapped in plastic? (Why are they wrapped any way?!)
The big picture dream for me is still much the same, but has evolved slightly to include all the little goals.
So here I am, Starting Ecore, possibly in the middle of my journey, (but I think I'm really just getting started.)
I'm certainly not perfect in all the choices i make.
I'm still learning and still growing, and now I have a little one to learn and grow along side me.
Ecore was a seed that only my close friends and family knew about for quite some time,
it is now a sapling that I can share with all of you.
By the time Ecore becomes a grand tree I hope to have accomplished many projects to help our earth, some big, some small...
No matter what the shape or size, every leaf counts in its effort to shelter the tree.
If you want to know why I started Ecore you can read more here.

If you would like to read about the small ways in which you can make a big impact on the environment check out my next blog post!

Thanks for reading!
Sarah :)

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  • Sarah Cooper
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  • Sarah :)
    Sarah :)

    Thanks for your comment Donna!
    Apologies for such a big delay in replying, I’ve only just figured out how to do it!!

  • Donna

    What a lovely story! Well done for following your dream! I look forward to following you and watching your tree grow.

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