Due to Covid-19 affecting cash flow and stock availability some products may be out of stock. If you are wanting something that is out of stock, please contact me. If you would like to make pre-orders then these can be arranged also.
Nappy packs will hopefully be available again by the end of August.

Natural Cough & Chest Elixirs at RHAYNE.

Natural Cough & Chest Elixirs at RHAYNE.

Are you looking for a natural cough and chest elixir for your little one?

As part of my other business Ecore Social Media I sometimes do work for online stores that use the Shopify platform. I’ve just finished doing a website revamp for Dean at RHAYNE which is how I came across this natural product.

As I'm 100% into using natural health products for myself and my family, it lines up with my values as a parent perfectly. I knew that it would be of interest to some of you as well so, naturally I had to share.

OKU Cough & Cold Elixir at RHAYNE


The OKU Children’s Cough & Chest Elixir at RHAYNE harnesses the natural properties of NZ Native Herbs and nutrients like Manuka & Kawakawa. This is a great choice if you prefer to use natural products when your little one is sick.
There are not many options to use for children under 6 years which makes this elixir all the more amazing as it is suitable for ages 1 year and over.

Can be used to help ease coughs & colds, bronchitis & asthma.

I'm yet to try this on my little guy, but when I do I'll be sure to update this blog!

P.S. They have a Cough & Chest Elixir for busy parents too and an Immune & Infection Elixir, because who has time to get sick when you have kids?!


About the author

Sarah Cooper is the founder of Ecore and Ecore Social Media. She is a strong advocate for supporting other local businesses, with a passion for protecting the environment and helping families reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals.

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