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Seal of Approval


Honeywrap - reusable food wrap

Why Honeywrap has my 'seal' of approval.

I know I've already done a couple of posts on reusable food wrap and how to use it etc...But this one is a little different (this time I'm just sharing my excitement with you.)
I moved house over the weekend and in the chaos, I managed to lose all of the lids to my containers.
So, when I had left over from dinner to pop into the fridge...I turned to my handy honeywrap!
The reason I'm showing you this is because that was placed over a plastic container...have you ever tried to get glad wrap to stick to a plastic container? If you have, you will know that it just doesn't all!
I was so amazed myself at how well the honeywrap had stayed sealed overnight on a plastic container that I just had to share it with you! (I may also have squealed with excitement and hunted down my mum to show her too - She went home with 2 honeywrap for herself after seeing how well it works hahaha)
So, there it is...the proof...Honeywrap is better to use then plastic food wrap!
Better for the environment, better for covering containers and way better looking ;)
You can check out all the reusable food wraps available for purchase from Ecore here.

New to reusable food wraps? Have a read of my other blog posts:
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- Ways To Use Your Reusable Food Wrap
- Why I Still Use Plastic In My Home

Thanks for reading
Sarah :)

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  • Sarah Cooper
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