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WARNING: Avoid these 4 common mistakes when putting cloth nappies on your baby.


Avoid these 4 common mistakes when putting cloth nappies on your baby.


Avoid these 4 common mistakes when putting cloth nappies on your baby.

Ignoring this single warning could leave you with soaking wet baby clothes from a leaky nappy.

Many parents that are new (or not so new) to using reusable cloth nappies (myself included) have often made these mistakes without even realizing.
Even after changing baby’s nappy, singlet, pants and shirt you're still left wondering how your little ones nappy has managed to leak (assuming you are already using a good quality, highly absorbent nappy.)

Mistake #1
Nappy liner sticking out under the leg gusset or sticking out the top of the nappy.

Choosing to use nappy liners with your reusable nappies is a great way to protect your nappies and reduce the amount of 'mess' that sticks to your nappy inserts...But...If not done correctly, these can create more havoc then help.
Make sure when you put the nappy liner into your cloth nappy that it stays inside once the nappy has been done up. (Not sticking out the top or the sides.)

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Mistake #2
Inserts sticking out under the leg gusset.

Occasionally when I'm in a rush, or my little guy is being oh so helpful during change time, wiggling all over the place, I manage to catch the absorbent inserts in the leg gusset when doing them up (and not realize!)
Don't do this! ;)
Just a small amount of this sticking out will soak through anything else that it's touching and then through to all other layers of clothing.
It always pays to double check your cloth inserts are tucked inside the leg gusset once your nappy is on and secure.


Mistake #3
Clothing too tight.

It took me a while to figure this one out myself.
My son was wearing bodysuits that were slightly too small for him when wearing a cloth nappy.
When you combine this with night boosters, the extra pressure on both sides of the nappy can sometimes cause your nappies to leak.
So to avoid this mistake, make sure your little one has loose fitting clothing that fits them well when wearing a cloth nappy.

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Mistake #4
Leg gusset not tight enough.

The problem with this one is that it can be hard to spot, unlike mistake #2, the inserts won't be sticking out so you don't notice it as easily. This mistake will soak through any clothing that is close to the leg gusset and will also allow poop to escape too. Eeek!
This mistake usually takes place at the inner thigh, to make sure you're not doing this, check around the leg gusset once the nappy is done up, if the insert is visible, (not sticking out, but you can still see it) then you need to tighten that baby up!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and they help to keep your washing pile down!
If you loved these or have your own tip to add, tell me in the comments below.

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Thanks for reading!
Sarah :)

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