Ways to use your Reusable food wrap


How to use your reusable food wrap.

If you’re new to using reusable food wrap, this list should give you a few ideas.
It makes a great alternative to plastic food wrap and you can wrap just about anything with it! (not suitable for raw meat)

- Wrap up lunches and snacks like sandwiches, fruit pieces and biscuits…to make them look like presents :) Who wouldn’t want prezzies in their lunch bag?!
- Wrap blocks of cheese to prevent it from going hard.
- Cover the ends of cucumbers to keep them fresh.
- Wrap up left over halves of avocados and apples.
- If the lid to your glass milk bottle has gone missing…don’t worry! Reusable food wrap has got it covered ;)
- Cover up left overs from dinner's or BBQ’s.
- You can even cover food in plastic containers...I was never very successful doing this with plastic food wrap.
- For a bit of fun try out some origami!  – This one probably doesn’t do much for the life span of your food wrap, so I wouldn’t go doing this with your brand-new pieces :)

If you're unsure of how to clean your reusable wrap, check out my last post.

Thanks for reading!
Sarah :)

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Reusable Food Wrap

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