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What's Your Battle?


What's Your Biggest Battle?

For some people, creating a healthier home and environment for their families doesn’t come second nature. Consciously deciding to make your home Eco-friendlier is easy, taking the steps to make it happen, not so much.

For me, it is the struggle to focus on one thing at a time. In the past, I have tried to change too many things at once which set me up to fail at all of them.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’?
When making changes to how things are done in your home this approach is really important.
Plastic free, zero waste, saving water, avoiding chemical products, starting a vegetable garden, buying only sustainable clothing, consuming less resources/products, starting a compost, installing solar panels to the roof…and the list goes on.
Rather than tackling everything at once, pick one or two things to work on, master them so that you begin doing them without actively thinking about it and then move onto the next one.

Trying something new (no matter what it is) is tiring, you are training your brain to work in a different way then what it’s used to. This requires more effort and a higher energy output.
This means that if you go full speed in every direction at once, pretty soon your plan is going to be torn apart because it’s not sustainable long term.

The word sustainable means:
1. A system that maintains its own viability by using techniques that allow for continual reuse.
2. Able to be maintained or kept going, as an action or process, at a certain rate or level.

So tell me, what’s your biggest battle about going Eco-friendly?

Thanks for reading!
Sarah :)

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  • Sarah Cooper
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