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Why I still use plastic in my home


Why I still use plastic.

I’ve seen a lot of buzz online about people going ‘plastic free’ which I think is awesome, less plastic is always a good thing, but I'd like to give you a peek into my cupboard and explain why I still use plastic containers in my home.

Landfills are getting bigger and bigger, our oceans are becoming more polluted each day with plastic of all kinds, killing the wildlife that lives there. The solution? Use less plastic!
But…before you throw out your plastic containers and fill your cupboards with new glass jars to house your groceries, pause for a moment to think about the big picture, the reason why you’re doing this.

If you need new containers then go ahead! Buy glass instead of plastic, I did when I wanted to add to my collection.
But if your plastic containers are still in good (usable) condition then keep using them! Otherwise you may just be adding to the long-term problem.
It doesn’t have to be glass V plastic, there’s nothing wrong with having half and half (other than how it looks.)
If you really think that your plastic has to go, rather than throwing it out, give it away to a friend or local second-hand shop.
Keep up the great work!

Thanks for reading!
Sarah :)

Plastic V Glass
Why I still use plastic

My Cupboard

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  • Sarah Cooper
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