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Why Makeup Remover Pads Will Change Your Life for the Better

Why Makeup Remover Pads Will Change Your Life for the Better
Guest post by Hemma Vara

As the founder of an ethical fashion store The Good Trend, I incorporate my ethical values into all aspects of my lifestyle. 

Being in my late 20s, I’m also conscious about my skincare routine and protecting my skin against unnecessary damage. 
This is why I love using makeup remover pads, and I’m pleased to have discovered the bamboo velour and cotton pads from Ecore
Because these pads use bamboo velour, they have a lovely feel and are gentle on the skin. Unlike cotton wool balls, there is no scratchy or irritating feel. Also, my skin isn’t being pulled harshly in different directions. This is particularly important to me, especially around the eye area where the skin is thinner and more delicate. 
The good trend - make up remover pads blog
The pads work well with natural cleansers, such as the the gentle cream cleanser by Blue Earth. Using products that contain natural and organic ingredients is vital, as my skin is less prone to breakouts. I am also assured that no nasty toxins will be absorbed into my skin. What I love the most about Blue Earth is that its skincare range are produced using solar power energy. It is important to me to support businesses that have a higher purpose to improve the lives of those around them, and care for the environment at a time when we are facing an ecological crisis.

I cleanse my face with the pads by applying cleanser or oil and using gentle swooping motions, taking care not to pull the skin around the eyes. The pads are also a great reminder that when I come home from a busy day of work or a night out, that cleansing the face is an essential part of my nightly routine. It’s not worth waking up with smudged eyeliner and regretting last night’s choices. It’s also very soothing to have a meaningful beauty ritual before bed. I sleep better, that’s for sure. 

Eco make up remover wipes

Another great thing about the pads is that they come in a set of 6, and can be reused over and over again. Because I’m always on the go, I never have time, let alone remember to stock up on beauty products at the supermarket. Once I’ve used a pad a few times, I can easily pop it in the washing machine and voilà! The pads are backed with cotton, so that they hold their shape in the wash. 
By using the pads, I love that I’m not consuming as much, which gives me more clarity to focus on what matters. It’s great to experience mindfulness as one of the benefits of using eco-friendly products.

Grab your eco makeup remover pads here, and let me know what you think, as well as which design you go for! I’m loving the pastel options at the moment.

With love, 


About the author

Hemma Vara is founder of ethical fashion store The Good Trend, and is a freelance fashion & lifestyle writer. She is an advocate for sustainable living, and resides in Ponsonby, Auckland.

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