Chemical Free Mattress Sanitising

Hygienitech Taranaki

Runny, itchy nose.
Itchy, red or watery eyes.
Nasal congestion.
All of these can be caused by just dust mites alone!
Mattresses contain hidden germs and bacteria that are embedded deeply within the mattress. Even brand new mattresses can contain bacteria and dust picked up through the manufacturing process.

The scientifically proven Hygienitech® Mattress Cleaning and Sanitising process is an all-natural, chemical-free, dry treatment procedure that effectively removes and destroys dust mites, fungal spores, bacteria and other harmful debris found in all mattresses.

The Hygienitech U-VC light kills:
Dust mites

The Hygienitech system also removes:
Environmental dust
Dead dust mites
Live dust mites and their feces

Why Hygienitech?

Dry, chemical-free, no toxins
No drying time required
No moisture to penetrate mattress
72+ hour residual effect to continue destroying allergens
Safe on all types of mattresses and pillows
Color safe, no bleaching agents
Neutralizes odor inducing bacteria
Completely portable system

Prices are:
FREE no obligation TEST.
Single $60
Double/Queen $80
King $90
Pillow $5
Cots FREE T&C apply

Available in the Taranaki area. I come to you, or a drop off may be arranged.
Email me at or send me a message via Facebook messenger.